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Red Squirrel

Posted by on in Life at Tranquil Otter
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There are both red and grey squirrels on site at the Tranquil Otter. I have seen both with my own eyes. Not to anthropomorphise, I have seen the red squirrel bounce across the lawn presenting a pretty picture and the grey squirrel head butt the living room window.

There is a drive to preserve the red squirrel in Cumbria. I got into the spirit of the campaign and called up "Save our Red Squirrels" campaign. The man from save our red squirrels arrived with two traps for catching grey squirrels. I wonder what genetic switch makes it possible for this walk in trap to work? Is the red not very curious? Does it eat less? The trap doesn’t kill the grey squirrel, just imprisons it until it is released.

Spoke to my dearly beloved and of course the squirrel trap works on all matter of beings, any that are attracted by the maize trail leading to the traps. Guess what the first catch was a hedgehog, a truly beautiful beastie who was duly set free.