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New Addition to our Family

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Our boys had become increasingly fascinated by dogs over the last year and one of their favourite games was " playing dog ".

First day at the LoughOne of our objectives was to get a dog once we moved out of London and we could not decide what type of dog we should get. The children wanted a cocker spaniel, because they had met one called Alfie last year and found Alfie to be great fun, bouncy, active playful…. Nick liked the idea of a couple of Bull Mastifs and I liked the idea of Labradoodles because apparently they don’t shed hair.

One of the first things that we did as a family when we arrived in Cumbria was to register with the local Animal Rescue centre, and get on to the list of approved potential dog owners. Next task, getting a dog/puppy was to be more difficult. One has to ring and see if a broadly suitable dog was available. We wanted a young friendly dog so that we could train in Kittoeisms. We had a couple of visits and then last Saturday we were told that there was a young pup that met all our basic requirements. We had an appointment at 11.30AM and true to Kittoe form we managed to leave the house at about this time and as you can see by the clock we arrived late for our appointment.

Arriving at the Dog's home

 Thankfully dog rescue people did not hold this against us and let us take the young pup for a walk around the site to see if we got on. Well we did, she was called Bambi at the beginning of the journey and by the end Leah. In between we had Lily, Daisy, Gertrude, Leo ….We were prepared, of course we were! W e had one collar that we couldn’t find because the children had been "playing dog" themselves with it, no dog food, bed, bowl etc. It would be incorrect to say that we hadn’t thought about it, a couple of visits had been made to Pets shop and we had bought a couple of magazines. Thankfully the big Tescos at J43 of the M6 was on our way home, phew.

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