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Mr Hedgehog @ The Tranquil Otter

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We had our first encounter with a hedgehog when it got imprisoned in the Grey Squirrel trap the other day. Timid little thing didn’t want to come out of the trap and clung on for dear life when Nick and the boys tried to ease him out gently. In the end he had to be shaken out, and then he curled into a ball and rolled away.

On the way to the school run, this time on foot, we saw what looked like a old shoe brush and on closer examination we realised that it was a hedgehog that has been sadly crushed by a car/lorry. Apparently hedgehogs are attracted to roads because they find the road warmer than grass and a great place for getting dinner/takeaway, a bit like a supermarket. The only problem from the hedgehog’s point of view is that he doesn’t always make it back from the weekly shop.
Nick has lots of off-the-wall ideas, a lateral thinker would be more generous, and the latest one being to encourage hedgehogs to live in the kitchen garden in order to eat all of the slugs and snails. This would certainly mean that the species would not be completely wiped out by road traffic as there would be at least one fat one in our vegetable patch protecting our cabbages from the dreaded slugs and snails.

Mr Hedgehog @ The Tranquil Otter

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