Cancellation Cover

Cancellation Cover

We strongly recommend that our guests take out cancellation cover, which can normally be obtained from the Tranquil Otter when booking through our website on the terms specified there.

Cancellation Cover Terms

WHO IS COVERED? The cover which must be taken out at time of booking applies only to “Registered Guests”, that is guests whose names have been given to us  at the time of booking.

LIMIT OF COVER. Full repayment of any deposit and final payment already made in the event of cancellation of your holiday solely for any of the following reasons arising after the time of booking, and for no other reason:

(a) death, accident, compulsory quarantine, jury service or witness summons of a Registered Guest; or
(b) death, accident or sickness of the husband, wife, child, father, mother, father-in-law, or mother-in-law of any Registered Guest; or
(c) damage to the home of any Registered Guest sufficient to render it uninhabitable as the result of burglary, fire, explosion, subsidence, malicious damage, storm, or flood; or
(d) a police request for your presence at home following burglary at, or criminal damage to your home; or
(e) cancellation of the leave of any Registered Guest who is a member of H.M. Forces or of the Emergency Services, provided leave had been firmly agreed and documented at time of booking; or
(f) a serious accident resulting in injury to a Registered Guest on the journey to The Tranquil Otter.

THE COVER. In the event of your holiday being cancelled by any of the above events then the amount paid towards your stay at The Tranquil Otter will be repaid, less £150 pounds. If your holiday at The Tranquil Otter is cut short once it has started, then they will be pro-rata to the proportion of the holiday lost less the first £150 of each claim.

Medical certificate(s) and/or other evidence of illness or accident and eligibility under this cover acceptable to us will be required in the event of a claim.

WHAT IS NOT COVERED? Cancellation of a holiday is not covered if the cancellation is on account of a medical condition, illness or injury which was known, or should reasonably have been known, to any of the Registered Persons at the time the cover was taken out.

What is the Cost?

5% of the charge for the holiday.

The Tranquil Otter’s Cancellation Policy and Terms & Conditions.