Tranquil Otter on Video

Discover The Tranquil Otter

A private nature reserve with lodges all south-facing with fabulous views across the lake.

What guests say

The Tranquil Otter is a great base for a family holiday. Hear what this family has to say about their stay in Heron Lodge.

Cygnets at the Tranquil Otter

There’s always something unexpected to enjoy at the Tranquil Otter. swans with cygnets in spring, glimpse of kingfisher or more…

Bed Swans

Gillian and Fiona making swans for the bed in Alder Lodge.

The bird hide

Each guest gets a key to the hide, escape and watch the wildlife in the lake…


Again Leah has managed to wangle her way into a guest’s heart. A gift in the post, Tazeem can be seen here desperately trying to open burgers for Leah.

Meet Tazeem

A video tour around Alder Lodge – with double height ceiling in the main living area and floor to ceiling windows, we’re sure you’ll love it.

The Boiler

Tazeem firing up the boiler that provided hot water and heating for all the lodges.