How to use the Log Burner

How to use the Log Burner

Our log burners are installed by HETAS approved installers and checked annually. The fire is sealed and the hearth will prevent any embers from making contact with the wooden floor. There is a metal bin  provided for disposing of any hot ash.

To use the log burner please follow these easy steps.

1.      Turn the knob or lever at the front of the burner to fully open vent(s).
2.      Use one firelighter and kindling in a wigwam shape to start the fire, putting a log on each side and one on top.
3.      It will take a few minutes for the logs to be fully lit.
4.      Once the logs are well lit reduce the air intake to the fire by closing the vents slightly, there should be enough air to keep the flame bright but not ‘roaring’.  This will also help to keep the glass clean so that you can enjoy the flame.
5.      Fire the stove gradually. Never allow the stove to glow red.

Please note that the body of the stove gets extremely hot; please keep combustible materials, including dry logs, away from the stove.

Empty the ash pan into the bin next to the barbecue store.  Do not put hot ashes in the bin or anywhere else as this can easily cause a fire. We provide dry seasoned logs for your use. Do not use any other fuel or wood as “wet” or “green” wood will damage the burner and the chimney and provide little heat.  The stove is not safe for use with coal.

Once the log fire is on and the living room is at the thermostat temperature, the heating will be off in the rest of the lodge.

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